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In an age of globalisation and constant economic progress, AMC AG considers itself accountable towards the environment and society.

Given our economic success and sustained growth, AMC feels an even greater obligation to support the basis and conditions of our

business, to look to the future and act accordingly with an ever-present awareness of our social and ecological responsibility towards the environment, our staff, suppliers and customers. This is the only way to continue our business operations successfully.

This statement sets forth the principles and values of our commitment and explains the requirements we make on our own action and that of our suppliers. The internalisation of and compliance with our policy is taken for granted by our employees and is the condition on which we base cooperation with our suppliers.

As a global company and manufacturer of paper products, we consider our focus on ecology to be an inalienable principle.

Our self-adhesive paper products are coated with an excellent quality water-based glue - without solvents. Our products are therefore environmentally friendly in their production, use, right through to recycling. We cooperate exclusively with paper suppliers who in turn apply clear ecological and ethical principles, are themselves committed to the environment and obtain their raw materials from environmentally friendly and sustainable forestry. We choose our raw material suppliers according to recognised international standards (FSC, ISO 9000, ISO 14001, PEFC etc).

The requirements of our customers are central to AMC’s operations and commit us to providing excellent products and services at all times.

Every delivery of paper is subject to a strict quality control. Paper samples and every new product version are tested in our laboratories to meet our requirements of highest quality and continuous development. Our production controls (in Germany and abroad) guarantee a safe, environmentally sound and smooth production process. Finished products undergo a further strict quality control before delivery to ensure that the high quality requirements of our customers are met.

AMC AG entrusts some of its process steps to reliable and competent suppliers.
All our suppliers and partners in Europe and Asia undertake to comply with socially acceptable working conditions and production processes, internationally valid human rights, environmental laws and the principle of equal opportunities.

An employment relationship for AMC AG is based on mutual trust and responsibility. This principle is equally valid in our cooperation with business partners and customers because each individual makes an important contribution to the success and reputation of AMC as a whole.

Cooperation with people with disabilities
Not all people find the right place in today's working world. It is our aim to offer these individuals an opportunity to develop and grow with our products and us.
The Global Notes range includes many products, which require manual or semi-manual work, both in manufacturing and packaging. We provide work for local and regional workshops for people with physical and mental disabilities.